Brave, truthful and unselfish

The story of Pinocchio has always been an exciting story and lesson for me. This little wooden toy’s success in becoming a real man lies in his ability to be brave, truthful and unselfish. How apt this is for our time! If we were all a little braver, more truthful and less selfish the world would be a different place!

Before sinking into negativity, I know that we are all very brave, truthful and selfless in so many fronts of our life and let us congratulate ourselves on that! Pat on the shoulders, great!

But the point in question is inviting me to play with some ideas. If I was braver…hmmm…let’s see what I would do:

– I would not do agree on some things that I have agreed all these years.

– I would tell people who hurt me so that I find peace in my heart.

– I would use up my bungee jumping ticket

– I would not be harbouring fears in my heart about my future but remember Rumi who said: As you start on the way, the road appears.

– I would say YES even more often! I would also say NO when I really want to

Courage is a beautiful word that fires up everything we do. It enflames passion and our hearts beyond anything! Courage is the essence of human existence, without it we would never experience real joy, depth or the colours of life! Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the mastery of fear! We do things well knowing that there is danger in it, yet we do it because it is often the right thing to do and this is the only time when we move with the universe! Even if it looks like a failure, we moved together with the beats of the universe and took a tiny step towards our better self. Our courage is our essence and exercising it is the greatest form of self-expression.

If I was more truthful, I would choose my words with more authenticity. I would speak less. I would listen more. I would make a pledge that only the truth and nothing but the truth will leave my lips every day. I would not believe people who say they are honest constantly because I would know that the more they say it, the more they emphasize it, the less it is true.

If I was less selfish? This is a hard one…Being selfless is a tough call for many of us and I do not think I have real answers to this..I would not think twice about doing more for others. I would accept that I have selfish tendencies and make friends with this thought so I can start moving forward. I would love more openly without wanting anything back.

Being less selfish and more selfless is not the same thing! Selfishness draws you in, selflessness pushes you out to the world. Being less selfish is about correcting selfish motives, being more selfless is about bringing more of you into the world of others.

What would you do if you were braver, more truthful and less selfish?



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