3 steps to be heartsmart

How to be heart smart?- is the question my corporate clients ask all the time. We talk about neuroscience, emotional intelliegence and the latest coaching techniques, but really, it comes down to one thing: live your life from the heart so you can write the most beautiful story.

My personal transformation began when I accepted this simple truth. How did I live my life previously? With a heart that was deadlocked, hemmed in and I was aware that my body was free but my heart was in prison. With time I began to understand that the only reason why our heart is imprisoned is not by being broken but by being silenced. The heart is imprisoned because the only language it speaks is the truth. Unlike the mind, that can accept all sorts of ideas, stories and we end up piling lie upon lie about our life. There are moments when we do not even know what is a lie anymore because we live it as the truth. Hence, a vicious circle begins.

In my work I see many people going through life dictated by circumstances, lies and mind controlled actions that have severe consequences. We all make choices and have to live with the consequences of those choices but the journey to the heart is one of the most essential journeys we all decide to take at some point in life. So what can we practically do to find our ways around this mysterious organ, that fascinated philosophers, scientists and in fact, every single person in the world?

Tune in- Do not think, FEEL life! When you are numb to your emotions, you cannot express yourself to the world. Feel life and your heart will tell you things. The more you tune in, the more your heart will reveal and the more intense your emotions become to tell you the story you need to hear or you need to share with the world.  (even you, the cold hearted man, have a different story to tell when it is told from the heart. You may be in a different job or have a different house).

Defy your Inner Jailer– Your jailers are your greatest saboteurs and limiting beliefs  and there are ways to let them loose of the harness. You can befriend them, you can play with them so that you can learn from them. To be honest, anything you do is great because they just distract you from the real story, the real you, the real self. Saboteurs are not great friends with the heart so stop inviting them, stop entertaining them . Yes, it is a conscious choice and you will have resistance but  they are not serving you so it is always a good time to get rid of them.

Run for the jungle– Just do it and let your heart guide you through whatever you are traveling through. You will be grateful because what comes from the heart is the right story. As you live from the heart, every choice you make will become another way of telling that story. It will create a life as unique as your fingertip, send you out full of hope, exhilaration and onto paths you never thought you could travel. It is the way you were meant to exist and if you stop to listen, you will realize that your heart has been telling you so all along.


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