Daily heart awareness checklist

Bringing heart awareness is the first and most important step we can take to become conscious of our life, achievements, failures and emotions. Substance in our growth can only be generated when we choose to bring this awareness to create a more meaningful, purposeful existence and by this conscious choice we polish our heart into a smarter organ. We, people of faith, are supposed to do this through our prayers, yet many of fail to use these opportunities for some real reflection and learning. Being heart aware means being alive and this takes a little practice if one is not used to it. I am a woman of questions and I thought of some situations when we do need to ask questions in order to bring heart awareness to our life. So here is how I go about my day and week to bring this awareness into my existence. This is, of course,  just one way to do and I would absolutely love to hear how you bring your heart alive and aware! I also welcome any suggestions and ideas on next steps or topics.

Morning reflections- the time when the world is waking up, when you hear nothing but silence and in that deafening silence you can hear your own voice.

What is my life purpose? What am I going to do today to bring this alive and real?

What are my values? What actions can I take to honour them? (anything big or small counts here!)

What am I grateful for in my life? (list at least 5!)

What is going great for me in my life right now?

How can I connect with family, colleagues and friends at a deeper level today?

During the day, in the midst of teaching, working and coaching, cooking, gardening, writing, presenting, baking with the children or talking about art in a gallery, I would have loads of questions buzzing in my head.

How am I showing up for life? Am I being my authentic self? (This is not about being a perfect, the most productive work force or in your best behaviour but your best, most authentic, true self)

What do I need in order to be my authentic self at work, at home, with my friends and in my community?

WHO IS my authentic self?

What values do I bring to enrich the world?

What difference do I make when I am l my best self?

 After a success I tend to evaluate:

How can I celebrate this success? What exactly do I need to take forward from this success story? Where did I surprise/outdone myself?

I used to be very harsh on myself after criticism. With time, I have learnt to let go and be gentle with myself, with the person who criticised me and with the criticism itself!  Nowadays I tend to turn to the following questions:

What is the truth in what I was being told? What is hard about hearing this from the other person?

Is it true or is it an assumption? If it is true, what do I need to improve?

Even in the happiest times of our life we have little moments of sadness. They come from some obscure place we find hard to place but they do turn up unexpectedly. When I am sad, I find great solace in questions like:

What is the gift of this situation? (and there is ALWAYS a gift in any situation)

What would make me feel a little better about it? And a little better? (once you found the answer, go and do it!)

Of course, there are plenty of times when we are disappointed and feel like a failure. When no matter who says what, we feel we have messed up our whole life! Nothing would sooth or pacify, it is just raw and painful.

How do I really feel? (this is great to name and label your emotions)

Where does this show up in my body?

How can I be gentle and loving with myself?

And what can we ask when we are confused? On days when nothing seems to make any sense?

How can I be more present in my life?

What am I aware of? What is emerging into my consciousness?

What do I need to know/understand to find clarity?

Who/what works for me to find clarity? (again, when you have the answer, go and do it!)


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